Tobias Dahl Orderud

This website will be where I collect my experiences and work. I am tired of taking part in the race for constant impulse and stimulation. The work I post here will hopefully develop into a peaceful and secluded haven for my creations and its observers, but mostly for myself. I have endured a long depression where rational and logic has been my guiding compass, and while it told me to focus on my surroundings and experiences, I was unable to have an emotional response to it in any sense. After floating to the surface I feel myself clearheaded and with a strong direction and urge to create and experience with gratitude and presense. 

While the work I produced during this difficult period is important to me and was necessary for my development, this fresh sensation of true impressions is itching to result in something material. Inspiration is currently pulling on me from all directions, which is why this website had to come into existence, and allow me to archive this process without any curation except for my natural inclinations. I hope it will find someone who can relate and achieve some sort of value for others and not just myself. 

CV coming soon

Copenhagen S, Denmark